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This module is the alternative of Joomla’s NewsFlash module. We add many options for you to choose whether or not to display title, introduction text, author… We let you could control the style of article such as text weight of title and content. Especially, we added the Scrolling effect for your NewsFlash. This is a professional quality scrolling function that capable of scrolling any HTML content including text and images. And Styling, Sizing, Scroll Speed all are customizable by setting the values of a series of parameters.


  • Stable: this module is written with MooTools, Joomla's standard Javascript framework, so it’s very compatible and stable.
  • Flexible Styling: you could choose the content style of articles. You could also setup a background image for this module. Of course, the style of scroll action is controllable too.
  • Easy to use: the entire configuration is well grouped and ordered.



  • Extract the downloaded package to your computer.
  • Choose exactly version match with your Joomla version (currently, we provide one installation packages Joomla 1.7 & 2.5)


  • Go to your administrator site
  • Select “Extensions” => “Extension Manager” in the Top Menu
  • In "Upload Package File" block, please Upload & Install the following extensions:
    • mod_js_newsflashscroller xxx.zip: this is core module.


Basic Options

Newsflashscroller basic options.png

Module Class Suffix

A suffix to be applied to the css class of the module. This allows individual module styling


Select article’s category to display.

Number of Items

Max number of articles to display. Blank or Zero for unlimited.

Static Scroll

Choose to stay static or scrolling.


Order of arcticles to display.

Scrolling Behavior

Newsflashscroller scrolling behavior.png

Scroll Behavior

Choose the way acticles scroll, non-stop or stop when finished or alternate.

Scroll Direction

Scroll direction: up, down, left or right.

Scroll Amount

Scroll how many lines at a time. Scrolling more lines will increase speed.

Scroll Delay

Delay time between two scrolling.

Scroll Height

Height of scrolling box.

Scroll Width

Width of scrolling box.

Article's Content

Newsflashscroller article content.png

Show Date

Show/Hide article’s created date.

Show Author

Show/Hide article’s Author.

Show Details Link

Show a Readmore link below each article.

Details Link Text

Choose text to display when show Details Links. There’re popular text phases: View details, Read more, Full story…

Link Display Options

Choose to display link to article page for article’s title or article’s content. You also could set hidden title hear.

Number of characters

Amount of article’s text to display. Set blank or zero for all text.

Article's Style

Newsflashscroller article style.png

Scroll Margin

Margin of scroll box.

Scroll Text Align

Align of article content.

Scroll SpaceChar

SpaceChar is base space. It’ll be add after showing title.

Scroll SpaceChar Times

Use number of SpaceChar for distance between 2 artices when scrolling right or left.

Scroll LineChar

LineChar is base element to breake between articles when scroll up or down. Us could choose HTML break (</br>) or HTML Horizontal (</hr>).

Scroll LineChar Times

Use number of LineChar for distance between 2 articles when scrolling up or down.

Override CSS

Override base CSS for the below styling to take effect.

Scroll Title Weight

Text’s weight of Title.

Scroll Title Style

Text’s style of Title. Normal, Italic or Oblique.

Scroll Title Size

Text’s size of Title.

Scroll Text Size

Text’s size of Article’s content.

Scroll Text Weight

Text’s weight of Article’s content.

Scroll Text Color

Text’s color of Article’s content.

Scroll Background Color

Background Color for the scroll box. Note that you can’t use background image simutaneously with background color.


Newsflashscroller image.png

Show Image

Show/Hide all images.

Use Background Image?

Use background image or not. If you don’t use background image, all the remain parameters will be ignored.

Background Image

Choose background image to use. All the images uploaded to folder {root}/media/mod_js_newsflash_scroller can be used.

Repeat Background Image

Repeat or not Background Image when image can’t fill the Scroll box.

Align Background Image

Align Background image.